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What do we do?

Code Violations are a type of citation issued by local Code Enforcement Departments to property owners who have failed to adhere to the local Building/Housing Code, a set of standards put in place by local governments pertaining to the minimum responsibilities of a property owner. Code Violations come with a deadline to resolve the violation and can result in a small fine and more severe penalties if not resolved. Common examples of Code Violations include high weeds, unsafe structures, inoperable vehicles, and issues with tenants. Records of Code Violations are disclosed to the public upon proper request under the Freedom of Information Act.

Real Estate professionals sometimes seek Code Violations because properties with Code Violations are seen as distressed and potentially in need of renovation. Research has shown that 4-10% of properties with Code Violations can sell within a year, and some of these sales happen quickly after the initial citation. However, it is important to note that not all properties with Code Violations result in a sale, and the majority of property owners resolve the issues and clean up their property.


In short, Real Estate Professionals choose to work with us because we provide accurate, convenient, and competitively priced Code Enforcement Records that are ready to use. We obtain the information through government sources, process and standardize it, and deliver it in a format that is suitable for your needs. Our data is of high quality and we do not take shortcuts or make assumptions. By working with us, you save time and effort compared to acquiring the information on your own, and you can rely on the data to make informed decisions.

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