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Kansas City, MO Code Violations

2020 Data

Top Zip Codes


14.1% of Cases


7.9% of Cases


7.4% of Cases


6.6% of Cases


6.3% of Cases

Below is a heat map showing where the 8,702 properties that had Code Enforcement issues in 2020 are concentrated.

Screen Shot 2021-03-11 at 2.47.04 AM.png

Ownership Type

Individual(s) 64.8%

LLC/Trust(s) 35.2%

Owner in Kansas City?

Yes 68.2%

No 31.8%

Below is live data on how many addresses Kansas City's Code Enforcement Department has documented issues at in the last day, month, and year:

in Previous
7 days

in Previous
30 days

in Previous
365 days

Calendar Year 2020 Report

Buy data on all 8,702 properties with code enforcement issues in Kansas City, Missouri in 2020.

Report Includes:

  • Date Case was Opened

  • Categorical info on Violations at Property

  • Violation Address (Address, City, State, Zip fields)

  • Jackson County Assessed Value

  • Property Tax Balance and Amount Delinquent

  • Zoning Info (SFR, MFR, COM, etc.)

  • Standardized Owner Name 

  • Standardized Owner Mailing Address


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