We Firmly Believe In Going Above and Beyond to Ensure Ours is a Just Society for Everyone!


This is a message from Founder Chris Burnett:

Having aways lived in/near major Metropolitan Areas I grew up aware of, confused by, and honestly scared (or at least wary) of homeless people. Indeed, profound mental illness and substance abuse can lead to distressing behaviors displayed in public.

That said I am a firm believer that nobody is "lesser than" or "other." While the most you realistically can do for many homeless people is extend simple courtesy in the form of a well-wish or snack/drink, there are people living on the streets who are there because they have been dealt a crushing hand and are doing their best. They are rare, but extant. They just need anyone to show them basic compassion and some are going without.

This scenario absolutely breaks my heart and it is with the utmost pride that I can report that since the pandemic broke out, I have been successfully locating some such individuals, and have provided them aid in the form of courtesy, compassion, haircuts, clean clothes, working low end phones, resumes, and interview coaching. 

This has resulted in people of sound mind, without criminal history or drug abuse issues, going from living in homeless shelters to doing things like enrolling in armed forces and attaining and keeping the highest paying job they've ever had.

My goal in this is to have these guys be "regular dudes" as a result of the assistance. Will preserve their anonymity as such. 

Do reach out if you would like to assist.