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Chicago, IL Code Violations

2020 Data

Top Zip Codes


4.5% of Cases


4.4% of Cases


4.2% of Cases


4.0% of Cases


4.0% of Cases

Below is a heat map showing where the 5,791 Residential properties that had Code Enforcement issues in 2020 are concentrated.

Screen Shot 2021-03-11 at 4.43.36 AM.png

Ownership Type

Individual(s) 70.7%

LLC/Trust(s) 29.3%

Owner in Chicago?

Yes 80.4%

No 19.6%

Below is live data on how many addresses The City of Chicago's Code Enforcement Department has documented issues at in the last day, month, and year:


in Previous
7 days


in Previous
30 days


in Previous
365 days

Calendar Year 2020 Report

Buy data on all 5,791 properties with code enforcement issues in Chicago, Illinois in 2020.

Report Includes:

  • Date Case was Opened

  • Categorical info on Violations at Property

  • Violation Address (Address, City, State, Zip fields)

  • Cook County Assessed Value

  • Property Tax Balance and Amount Delinquent

  • Zoning Info (SFR, MFR, COM, etc.)

  • Standardized Owner Name 

  • Standardized Owner Mailing Address


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